Census numbers confirm growth


The US Census Bureau released data last week confirming what causal observers have known for a while: Marshall County is growing.

The county and municipality-level data from the 2020 Census provides real numbers to support the anecdotes.

Marshall County grew by 12.09% compared to the 2010 census numbers, totalling 34,318 residents.

That is an increase of 3,701 from the 2010 official count of 30,617. In 2000, the county population was 26,767.

Marshall County now ranks as the 44th most populous of the state’s 95 counties.

The county’s municipalities followed the trend.

Lewisburg added 1,188 residents for a total of 12,288, a 10.7% increase over 2010’s total of 11,100.

Chapel Hill increased its population by 18.82%, adding 272 residents to a 1,717 total.

In 2000, Chapel Hill recorded 943 residents.

Cornersville added 34 residents during the last decade, according to the count.

That moves the town’s population to 1,228, a 2.85% increase.

Petersburg, which straddles the Marshall and Lincoln County lines, lost 2.94% of its population, down to 528 residents.

Marshall County grew much faster than some neighboring counties. Giles County grew by 2.92% and Lincoln County by 5.87%.

Bedford County grew by 11.49%.

Counties closer to Nashville, however, saw far higher growth; Williamson County grew by 35.23% and Maury County saw a 24.73% increase.