Lewisburg Karate surges with activities


Under the guidance of owner and operator Sensei Roe Carter, Lewisburg Karate saw a surge of new members and activities over the recent summer months. 

Some of the activities included participation in the 19th Annual C.T. Patterson Memorial Wado-Ryu Championship in August, with several members participating and winning trophies. 

Sensei Carter and Michael Burgess each won first-place in a black belt level two-person structured sparring event. 

Having won in the previous Wado-Ryu tournament, they again brought home the trophy to the Lewisburg Recreation Center.

Fifteen of the newest class members passed their first test for gold belt, demonstrating they had learned a number of karate skills, developed strength and stamina, and improved confidence and self-awareness. 

Ten more experienced students tested and advanced to higher ranks as well.

Next month, several brown belts will travel to Murfreesboro to test for their black belts under the U.S. Eastern Wado-Ryu Board of Directors. 

Sensei Monroe Carter has been a member of the board that administers these tests for 23 years. 


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