Cornersville revisits issues


The Cornersville Mayor and Board of Aldermen revisited several issues at their meeting last Thursday.

Enforcement of vehicle weight limits on town streets is paused until the board can adjust the ordinance.

The original ordinance, passed years ago, set the weight limit at 4,000 pounds, far under the weight of commonly used vehicles today.

While the ordinance is aimed at tractor trailers in particular, the weight of which causes damage to the paving, current pick up trucks far exceed the two ton limit.

The board tabled the issue until next month, with an eye on updating it entirely.

Revision of the town’s zoning regulations received a boost, with a presentation from the Municipal Technical Advisory Service, which will help the town’s Planning Commission with the process.

Chuck Downham laid out the process of monthly meetings which should be completed by the end of the year.

The regulations have not been updated since enacted in the early 1990s.

“It becomes a very important tool in how you manage growth and development,” said Downham. “It should be a fun process.”

The town’s Planning Commission currently has a vacancy, which the board approved advertising for, the new member to be appointed next month.

Town Administrator Scotty Brock received approval from the board to explore adding speed humps on Tarpley Avenue to address ongoing issues with speeders on the road.

A petition submitted by residents showed a large majority wanted the devices installed to slow traffic.