Commission handles routine agenda


Despite a sizable agenda, the Marshall County Commission worked quickly through the fairly routine issues before it on Monday evening.

Six of the 14 items authorized County Mayor Mike Keny to apply for various grants available through the state on behalf of the Marshall County Office of Emergency Management.

Commissioner Mickey King said that time frames for grants were often very short, making it advisable to pre-approve the authorizations without having to wait for a monthly commission meeting.

Commissioners confirmed the nominations of Leon Finley to serve as chair of the civil service committee and of Kirk Kelso to the county planning commission.

The commission approved a resolution establishing adult entertainment regulations for the county. In the late 1990s, the commission adopted a general framework for such regulations, following a state law passed at the time, but had never finished the process by appointing a committee or adopting regulations.

In an interview later, Keny explained that the County Technical Assistance Service pointed out that it was better for the county to have regulations in place if such an establishment was proposed than to try and regulate after the fact.

He emphasized that passing the regulations was not indicative of any such business looking to locate in the county.

Commissioner Dean Delk celebrated several Forrest High School athletes for their accomplishments during the last school year.

The presentation had been delayed more than once, he noted.

The state champion softball team, the nationally competitive cheerleading squad, and two-time wrestling state champion Noah Hill were honored by the commission.