50 record-breaking fish caught in the US

Stacker compiled a list of the top 50 record-breaking fish caught in the U.S. by weight using data from Land Big Fish.


Catch and release trophy Pike.

Rocksweeper // Shutterstock

For thousands of years—well over 100,000 by some estimates—humankind has fished the world's waterways and oceans. Scientists have identified evidence of the practice in everything from cave paintings to archeological finds. While initially used as a means of survival, fishing has evolved into a hobby, a sport, and a huge commercial industry. In fact, today, some 600 million people globally depend on fishing for their livelihoods. It is also among the most popular outdoor hobbies in the U.S.

As the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in 2020, more Americans went fishing than in any year in the previous decade. According to a 2022 study, many first-time anglers tried fishing to spend more time with friends and family in a socially distanced way. Others sought to replace hobbies they could no longer do because of the pandemic.

Although some competitive people compete aggressively in fishing tourneys and derbies, you don't have to be a professional angler to catch a record-breaking fish. Marinas and tackle shops around the country allow anglers to weigh their catch on a certified International Game Fish Association scale and compare stats in the IGFA's online records database. Sport-fishing enthusiasts can even have their scales certified by the IGFA for a $40 fee.

Stacker compiled a list of the top 50 record-breaking fish caught in the U.S. by weight using data from Land Big Fish. Sharks are not included in this roundup. The fish pictured below are not the actual record catch.

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#50. Channel catfish: 58 pounds

Closeup Channel catfish underwater

Aleron Val // Shutterstock

- Location: Lake Moultrie, South Carolina
- Record set by W.H. Whaley in 1905

#49. Pallid sturgeon: 60 pounds

USFWS employees release a pallid sturgeon into the Yellowstone River.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service // Wikimedia Commons

- Location: Yellowstone River - near Sidney, Montana
- Record set by Gene Sattler in 1979

#48. Lake trout: 63 pounds, 1.92 ounces

Freshly caught Lake Trout in shallow water

Pi-Lens // Shutterstock

- Location: Lake Superior, Ontario
- Record set by Hubert Hammers in 1952

#47. Muskellunge: 69 pounds, 15 ounces

smiling person holding a large silver green muskie fish

M Huston // Shutterstock

- Location: St. Lawrence River, New York
- Record set by Arthur Lawton in 1905

#46. White amur (Grass Carp): 70 pounds

Grass carp, underwater photo in lake.

Peteri // Shutterstock

- Location: Guntersville Reservoir (Nickajack tailwater), Tennessee
- Record set by Chad A. Killian in 2005

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#45. Grass carp: 73 pounds

Grass Carp swimming underwater

Vladimir Wrangel // Shutterstock

- Location: Guntersville Reservoir, Alabama
- Record set by Bradley D. Bridges, Sr. in 2012

#44. Bigmouth buffalo: 73 pounds, 2 ounces

Hands holding bigmouth buffalo

Alus164 // Wikimedia Commons

- Location: Lake Koshkonong, Wisconsin
- Record set by unknown in 2004

#43. Carp: 74 pounds

Carp fish swimming in pond

Rostislav Stefanek // Shutterstock

- Location: Pelahatchie Lake, Mississippi
- Record set by Curtis Wade in 1963

#42. Longfin albacore: 74 pounds, 10.5 ounces

Albacore or longfin tuna caught off Atlantic Ocean.

Alessandro De Maddalena // Shutterstock

- Location: Atlantic Ocean, New York
- Record set by John Maguire in 2000

#41. Red drum: 75 pounds

Three caught redfish laying on dock

Realest Nature // Shutterstock

- Location: Atlantic Ocean - Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
- Record set by A. J. Taylor in 1905

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#40. Channel bass: 75 pounds

Coastal Red Drum in a person

LiveOakPhotos // Shutterstock

- Location: Atlantic Ocean, Delaware
- Record set by James Vandetti in 1976

#39. Spearfish: 76 pounds, 12.8 ounces

A Shortbill Spearfish caught off Great Barrier Island, New Zealand.

Nholtzha // Wikimedia Commons

- Location: Pacific Ocean - Maui - North Shore, Hawaii
- Record set by Alan Cadiz in 2011

#38. Great barracuda: 77 pounds

Great barracuda fish swimming underwater

Jesus Cobaleda // Shutterstock

- Location: Pacific Ocean - Olowalu - Maui, Hawaii
- Record set by Dean Hayashi in 1992

#37. Dolphin: 77 pounds, 8 ounces

Person holding a large dolphin fish.

Fabien Monteil // Shutterstock

- Location: Seabrook Island, South Carolina
- Record set by R. Riggs in 1905

#36. Striped bass: 78 pounds, 8 ounces

Striped Bass underwater

slowmotiongli // Shutterstock

- Location: Atlantic Ocean - Atlantic City, New Jersey
- Record set by Al McReynolds in 1905

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#35. Moray eel: 81 pounds

Giant Moray Eel (Gymnothorax javanicus).

AdrianNunez // Shutterstock

- Location: Pacific Ocean - North Kona, Hawaii
- Record set by Jordan Kilkenny in 2011

#34. Atlantic sturgeon: 82 pounds

Big Atlantic sturgeon floats in deep blue salt water.

Evannovostro // Shutterstock

- Location: Atlantic Ocean - Sandy Hook, New Jersey
- Record set by Glen Lasco in 1905

#33. Dorado: 82 pounds

Dorado fish swimming by boat.

FtLaud // Shutterstock

- Location: Pacific Ocean - Kailua-Kona - Island of Hawai'i, Hawaii
- Record set by Kathy Hunter in 1987

#32. Greater amberjack: 85 pounds

School of greater amberjack (Seriola dumerili).

Jaka Zvan // Shutterstock

- Location: Atlantic Ocean - Cape May, New Jersey
- Record set by Edwin Metzner in 1905

#31. Ling cod: 85 pounds

Person holding large ling cod

MPH Photos // Shutterstock

- Location: Atlantic Ocean, New York
- Record set by Fred Shay Jr. in 1984

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#30. Smallmouth buffalo: 88 pounds

Cropped view of person holding smallmouth buffalo fish

Ohio DNR // Wikimedia Commons

- Location: Lake Wylie, North Carolina
- Record set by Tony Crawford in 1993

#29. Albacore tuna: 90 pounds

Albacore Tuna coming out of the water

David Vogt // Shutterstock

- Location: Santa Cruz, California
- Record set by Don Giberson in 1997

#28. Bighead carp: 90 pounds

Bighead Carp swimming underwater in lake

Rostislav Stefanek // Shutterstock

- Location: Guntersville Reservoir, Tennessee
- Record set by Jeffery J. Rorex in 2005

#27. Black buffalo: 92 pounds, 8 ounces

Illustration of a black buffalo fish on green background

USFWS National Image Library // Wikimedia Commons

- Location: Lake Maumelle, Arkansas
- Record set by Kenny DeLuca in 2001

#26. White sturgeon: 96 pounds

White sturgeon fishing catch and release.

CSNafzger // Shutterstock

- Location: Kootenai River, Montana
- Record set by Herb Stout in 1905

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#25. Chinook (King) Salmon: 97 pounds, 4 ounces

Chinook Salmon Underwater During Spawning

Kevin Cass // Shutterstock

- Location: Kenai River, Alaska
- Record set by Lester Anderson in 1905

#24. Atlantic cod: 98 pounds, 12 ounces

Atlantic Cod swimming underwater.

slowmotiongli // Shutterstock

- Location: Atlantic Ocean - Isle of Shoals, New Hampshire
- Record set by Alphonse Bielevich in 1969

#23. Black drum: 115 pounds

Black drum fish swimming underwater

Andrea Izzotti // Shutterstock

- Location: Atlantic Ocean - Delaware Bay, Delaware
- Record set by Kenneth H. Smith in 1978

#22. Sailfish: 119 pounds

Sailfish hunting underwater

wildestanimal // Shutterstock

- Location: Pacific Ocean - Kailua-Kona - Island of Hawai'i, Hawaii
- Record set by Ed Sceery in 1983

#21. Flathead catfish: 123 pounds

Person holding a flathead catfish

M Huston // Shutterstock

- Location: Elk City Reservoir, Kansas
- Record set by Ken Paulie in 1998

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#20. Big skate: 130 pounds

A big skate laying on the ocean floor.

Greg Amptman // Shutterstock

- Location: Pacific Ocean - Double Bluff, Washington
- Record set by Dan Cartwright in 1986

#19. White marlin: 137 pounds, 8 ounces

White marlin fish jumping out of water

lunamarina // Shutterstock

- Location: Atlantic Ocean - Hudson Canyon, New Jersey
- Record set by Mike Marchell in 1905

#18. Blue catfish: 143 pounds

blue catfish fish being held horizontally by a smiling person.

M Huston // Shutterstock

- Location: Buggs Island Lake (Kerr Reservoir), Virginia
- Record set by Richard "Nick" Anderson in 2011

#17. Paddlefish: 144 pounds

Paddlefish swimming in water

Saran Jantraurai // Shutterstock

- Location: Kansas River, Kansas
- Record set by Ralph B. Westerman in 2004

#16. Amberjack: 151 pounds, 8 ounces

Amberjack swimming in water

Porco_Rosso // Shutterstock

- Location: Pacific Ocean - Kailua-Kona - Island of Hawai'i, Hawaii
- Record set by Justin Lazar in 2010

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#15. Giant trevally: 191 pounds

Giant trevally swimming in water.

zaferkizilkaya // Shutterstock

- Location: Pacific Ocean - Lahaina - Maui, Hawaii
- Record set by Al Gadow in 1980

#14. Alligator gar: 279 pounds

Alligator gar swimming underwater

Danny Ye // Shutterstock

- Location: Rio Grande River, Texas
- Record set by Bill Valverde in 1951

#13. Pacific halibut: 288 pounds

Halibut being lifted over the side of a fishing boat.

Israel Patterson // Shutterstock

- Location: Pacific Ocean - Swiftsure Bank, Washington
- Record set by Vic Stevens in 1989

#12. Warsaw grouper: 310 pounds

Nighttime photo of a Warsaw Grouper.

NOAA Photo Library // Wikimedia Commons

- Location: Atlantic Ocean - Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
- Record set by C. D. Pratt in 1905

#11. Tuna: 322 pounds

Tuna fish swimming in ocean underwater.

Lorna Roberts // Shutterstock

- Location: Atlantic Ocean - Baltimore Canyan, Delaware
- Record set by Mike Horner in 1992

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#10. Yellowfin tuna: 325 pounds

Yellowfin Tuna swimming Underwater

Shane Gross // Shutterstock

- Location: Pacific Ocean - Lanai, Hawaii
- Record set by Joey Cabell in 1990

#9. Striped marlin: 339 pounds

Striped-Marlin swimming underwater.

Earth theater // Shutterstock

- Location: Catalina Island, California
- Record set by Gary Jasper in 1985

#8. Bigeye tuna: 375 pounds, 8 ounces

Row of fresh chilled bigeye tunas ready for market

Alienaire // Shutterstock

- Location: Atlantic Ocean - Ocean City, Maryland
- Record set by Cecil Browne in 1977

#7. Halibut: 459 pounds

A bottom feeding Alaskan halibut pulled to the surface by a sport fisher.

Jon C. Beverly // Shutterstock

- Location: Pacific Ocean - Unalaska Bay, Alaska
- Record set by Jack Tragis in 1905

#6. Sturgeon: 468 pounds

Sturgeon swimming in water


- Location: San Pablo Bay, California
- Record set by Joey Pallotta in 1983

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#5. Swordfish: 530 pounds

Swordfish jumping out of water with fishing boat in background

bekirevren // Shutterstock

- Location: Atlantic Ocean - Wilmington Canyon, New Jersey
- Record set by Edmund Levitt in 1905

#4. Giant seabass: 563 pounds

A rare giant black seabass with parasites attached to its head swims.

Joe Belanger // Shutterstock

- Location: Pacific Ocean - Maui, Hawaii
- Record set by Russell Mori in 1989

#3. Bluefin tuna: 1,152 pounds

Atlantic bluefin tuna swimming underwater

jurgal photographer // Shutterstock

- Location: 30 miles S of South Pass, Louisiana
- Record set by Ron Roland in 2003

#2. Black marlin: 1,205 pounds

Black Marlin jumping out of the water.

kelldallfall // Shutterstock

- Location: Pacific Ocean - Red Hill - Haleakala, Hawaii
- Record set by Lei Aloha in 1980

#1. Blue marlin: 1,805 pounds

Jumping Marlin fish in ocean with lure

Colin MacDonald // Shutterstock

- Location: Pacific Ocean - Waianae - Oahu, Hawaii
- Record set by Gail Choy-Kaleiki in 1970

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